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Current News

We at the Constellation Historical Society (CHS) want to thank everyone involved with our Aircraft in the past few years.As most of you already know we have leased the Connie to the Super Constellation Flyers in Basel Switzerland for a period of five years. We will continue to operate it as before, only in another location. Pat Farrell along with Francisco Agullo,Patrick Danalet,Ernst Frei, flew the A/C with Jerry Steele,Carlos Gomez as Flight Engineers. We had an uneventful flight.Good weather all the way.The Airplane has operated more or less flawlessly so far for over 50 hours. We were able to do the Berlin Airshow,which was a seven day show,similar to the Paris show every two years. Please review our website frequently for updates or changes that might occur in our schedule. We look forward to seeing all of you at one of these shows, and if you have any questions, please contact

Capt Pat Farrell at (805) 377-1180.

The Constellation Historical Society encourages anyone interested in helping preserve a classic airplane to come out to the Camarillo Airport and help us. No experience is required,just a desire and a love to help keep this beautiful airplane flying. Our volunteers are the backbone of our existence, and the support they give us whether great or small is needed, and greatly appreciated. Our normal operations are conducted every Saturday and Sunday at the Camarillo Airport, so come on out and join us. We look forward to meeting you.