Pictures of the Connie "before,during and after restoration"
photos by Del Mitchel,Joe Gardner,Pat Farrell and Michael O'Leary

CHS Founder Benny Younesi

West Virginia Air Guard Logo

Fourth Of July Barbecue

More 4th Of July

Mike & Dan

Pilots Working

Over Catalina

Connie in 85

Connie in 85

Connie in 85

Connie in 85

Connie in 85

El Monte Take Off
Photo By Norm Vargas

Over Casitas 2000

Stewardesses of the 50's&60's
With Lucky Del

Removing #1 Eng.

Benny & staff

Capt Grant


Jim & Jerry

Engine Chg


Changing Alternator

Connie in Las Vegas

VIP Passenger pick up

Connie 6/2002

Interior Views

The Cockpit

Two views of the nose

and the triple tail

Two Flying Tigers
At Gillespie Airshow

Night Photo at Miramar
photo by Norm Vargas

The Connie always attracts a crowd!
Hill AFB, Utah
photo by Kort Duce/Standard Examiner

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